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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2021-01-18-0747

0000 Things to consider – older articles

0501 NXIVM and what their name means

0502 COVFEFE and POTUS Trump vs. deceptive lying media

0503 Peter Pan is being released

An evil spirit is being released upon the USA/World

0504 Epstein Island – 100s videos – Arkancided – Scotland

The untold truth about Epstein Island and the temple?

0505 Killary’s Arkancide Pledge 4 LEOs Police - Content Providers

0506 Jesus did a miracle for me at the ELCA – Mandela Effects

0507 Santa Cruz boat fire – Mandela Effects -Illuminati sacrifice to Peter Pan

0508 Wes Craven and his two Janus faces

0509 What does THEM-ANASH mean and why

0510 Purple Rain Burn In Hell

0511 Trump 2020 share a ride

a video – 0511_trump_2020_share_a_ride_qrz-jesusdotcom.mp4

0512 Pelosi is not what HE seems to appear01

0513 Woman discovers heaven – 3 VIP die strange deaths - Santa Cruz

0514 Clintonemail.C O R N = These people are stupid - Q

0515 Rep Elijah Cummings dead Giant among men decoded

0516 James Comey his corn decoded–THEM-ANASH


0518 Thanksgiving 2019 Request for POTUS Trump

0519 The important altar in Georgia is NOT the Guidestones

0520 - Understanding free mason “As Above, so Below” for Christians

0521 Tools of Satan - TV YouTube and You Christians!

0522 Make America Great Again what it REALLY means

0523 Christians - consider this about Bill Withers

0524 Was Buddy Hackett a hollywierd sexual pervert?

0525 Hollyweird Beelzebub followers dropping like flies with COVID-19

0526 Meteor COVID19 Bible Mandela Effects Easter Passover - part 1


0527 Meteor COVID19 Bible Mandela Effects Easter Passover - part 2

(video - 165 MB) 0528 Thanksgiving 2020 Donald Trump barely survives ?

Think this criminal was a Trump supporter?

Donald Trump on Jesus Christ -Must watch-.mp4

0529_Curse_of_the_Zeroes _well_played_white_hats_and_Q.html

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