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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-09-09-1100a

0503 Peter Pan is being released


I originally posted this on a discord board about 2019-03-02.

I have decided to make it a shorter article for wider distribution because of something wicked that just happened, which will be explained later, that points to this is about to happen.

Peter Pan Dream

I had a dream. My family (my mother, brother, sister, myself) was on vacation and we were playing with Peter Pan.

But, he was doing wicked things and my sister would not obey my mother.

I left for a while and came back and saw my mother had placed Peter Pan in an enclosure / lamp on the ceiling. I could see him flying around and looking out through a clear window.

I reached up to let Peter Pan out and my mother said no,

"Not until your sister is off vacation or until she is dead".

My interpreted dream. THEOS/The Creator has kept an evil spirit locked up and it will not be released upon the earth until Hillary Clinton (aka JezeBaal) / USA is off vacation (civil war) or killed.

I do not quite understand the vision because I am still researching Peter Pan, but, "Peter Pan" is being released upon the world from a glass globe where he has been imprisoned on the ceiling. It will be something perverse and sexual concerning children and will change the world.


John Brown

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