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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-10-26-0730a

0010 Bob Marley Don't Worry Be Happy replaced by Mandela Effect Satanic Bobby McFerrin


Please note this might be easier to follow if you view the video first! Available on YouTube or download (don’t stream) it from the library here.

This is basically the story board !

I do not know WHY it was replaced, maybe it never was, BUT, after studying Bob Marley’s music it seems to have been Mandela Effect lifted from him. This current songs sounds nothing like I remember it, it is just so dark, literally! It is Satanic and homosexual. I do not remember this video and after doing this article I hope to mostly forget it.

Bob Marley Don't Worry Be Happy replaced by Mandela Effect Satanic Bobby McFerrin

Things you have to realize. Satan likes to pervert everything. Satan promotes doing things backwards to deliver a message. The Illuminati/NWO/free masons promote anal sex.

I like many others say Bob Marley sang "Don't worry be happy". It was happy, upbeat, and lifting. You may remember the smiley face being played with the video, bouncing around, on a white background.

I thought the creator of the smiley face was a woman and she made a lot of money from it. You know what the original looked like. Now the smiley face was created by a man, it has different size eyes, upturned corners of the mouth, he was paid under $50,and Bob Marley does not sing Don't worry be happy!

(please note if you are watching the video – the following steps have been done for you and will play for you. Just watch the original)

Okay, download the video, "Don't worry, be happy" by Bobby McFerrin and convert it to play backwards.

One at normal speed, one at 1/2 speed. I will explain those later. Then one at ½ speed forwards.

Now, look with a critical eye at this video.

Does the background seem uplifting?

Or does it seem dimly lit like a dungeon?

Is there anything uplifting about showing a guy about to commit suicide?

When the guy dives over the bed, is it natural?

How does he do it without his body being folded over?

He has his legs wide spread like for sex. Look I am happy!


→ 0010_happy_legs-up.mp4

Please note the whistling sounds the same forwards

→ 0010_happy-forward-whistle.mp4

and backwards.


Backwards someone that heard it knew it was don’t worry be happy. Forwards and backwards overlaid on each other.


Playing the "normal" video – you see the guy ready to jump off the ledge, how does he die - he gets raptured /taken out of his shoes and socks! He does not jump. The whole rapture thing is don’t read the Book of Revelation because you will flown away before the anti-christ and have nothing to worry about.

Eze 13:18 -used- to have THEOS say I am against those that teach them to fly to save their souls (aka rapture). I would post the scripture, but, it has already been changed as far as I can tell.

Please note through out this video Robin Williams is doing fake intercourse movements, if you think THEOS or Jesus is pleased with this, think again. Notice any women in the video? Well, Robbin Williams is probably a Female To Male, but, that is another story.


Please note the devil’s tail on his shirt pointing to his supposed penis. He stuck something in there to fly around for his so called comic effect.

Please note throughout the video they are doing the free mason round hole with three fingers, aka goat luci sign (3+3=6 ) making it seem cute like a mediation sign. They switch to the thumb to middle finger with two fingers sticking out to make the horns. They are mocking you.

→ 0010_happy_hand-sign02.png

→ 0010_happy_hand-sign03.png

→ 0010_happy_hand-sign04.png

→ 0010_happy_hand-sign05.png

When doing the homosexual congo line, you see the singer comes in flapping his arms, this is the fly away doctrine, again.


The homosexual congo line will make more sense when played slowly backwards, they are humping each other.

→ 0010_happy_congo-rev.mp4

Please note the scene when the guy is on the bed, there is a phone in the foreground and NONE on the bed. Then one appears off the hook, he puts it to his ear, and tosses it away. This makes sense? It will in reverse!

clip forward

→ 0010_happy_phone-fwd.mp4

clip reverse


clip reverse slow


Did you miss the detail? He had a dragon looking over his shoulder while doing this in reverse!


When you take the goat Luci contract, you become a male whore that literally takes it up the behind to get popular with riches by becoming bitches. They have the spirit cooking and baby eating later. Why do you think so many die of brain diseases and brain cancer?

MJ Fox gets the brain disease, his solution? Kill more fetuses to preserve his own worthless life! MJ is probably a Female To Male tranny anyway! I covered that and his wonky left eye elsewhere.

Now, you are going see the scenes make sense now that they are played backwards much more then forwards!

Reverse Audio

What is the clearly spoken over riding message in the reverse audio?

If I behave- whatever I want".

Reverse Audio CLIP

→ be-happy-sect02-what-ever-i-want-rev2.mp4

Needless to say "If I behave - whatever I want" is through out the song, backwards.

Forward he sings at 2:20 aint got not cash, aint got no style, yet Robbin Williams is dressed like a dandy, pulls out a $100 bill and gives it to a limo driver, kissing it first good bye? Then knocks on the door window to get it back? Why is a poor person taking a limo or have cash?

Forward clip - limo

→ 0010_happy_limo-fwd.mp4

Now, go play it again really slow, at 1:16 there are a few frames added while he is starting to spin that shows him stick his bum out while looking over his shoulder like while having sex. At 1/2 speed this would be at the 2:34 mark. This hurts and at 1/2 speed in reverse you can see Robin say fuck?

Backwards at 1:20 (if I behave - whatever I want is being sung by the guy on the roof) Robin is dressed like a dandy (gay) man, knocks on the window, limo driver rolls down the window, hands him the payment, he slyly takes it, he kisses it, and puts it in his wallet. If you watch carefully, the window between the backseat and driver is rolled down and the person in the back gives the driver the money.

He was paid for being a whore.

Reverse slow limo ½ speed – use 2nd longer clip

→ 0010_happy_limo-rev-half02.mp4

This is a message being sent. If this was just a video prop thing the driver would already have the money sitting in his lap to give to Robbins Williams.

Now, does it make more sense forwards or backwards?

Regretting the Goat Lucifer contract - backwards 1:50 sad face followed by "whatever I want"

Please note that this originally said “If I behave- whatever I want".

Now it says ???

"I hear ya - whatever I want".

Insert Backwards face with music

→ 0010_happy_sad-face-rev.mp4

At the foot of the bed when he walks in there is a lamp meant to look like the Illuminati eye.

Why is there a gold bowling ball pin in this 1988 video? It really stands out. at 1:53 he is staring at it and smiling.

Try googling in 2019 "gay sex bowling ball pin" and see about gay guys taking it up the behind with one. I suggest not clicking on the links …

There is a ton of stuff I still have not decoded, backwards where he does that strange mouth stuff, backwards he says “girl family” and “I’m damned”, but, I am just going to cover the following since the video is long enough. When they were doing that dancing, they were doing homosexual things. The guy in the white has a big erection and pretends to hump the guy in the suit coat, plus lifts up the coat to look at his bottom.

PHOTOS 01-19 follow

Video of still shots 01-19 linked


Hope you found the video informative, I know I will not listen to the song any more in this Mandela Effected world.

BTW: New Mandela Bible Effect confirms what I wrote about the lizard eyes and Marilyn Monroe.


John Brown

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