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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-10-25-2111a

0009 Why WTC 07 was renamed to prove a point I made about Mandela Effects


Why was World Trade Center 07 recently renamed from Solomon Brothers to Salomon Brothers? To prove a point I made on the Discord board of Brian Staveley.

Do not take this as meaning anything negative about Brian Staveley. I like him, I like his videos, I watch his videos, I think the stuff on Centerville vs. Centralville is top notch. I have laughed harder at the stuff in his chat then probably anything on the boob tube in the past two years.

When I decided to step into this youtube reality about March 2019, to help people ID the wicked one, it was on his channels I learned about Mandela Effects and the terminology. I had experienced NPCs in 2012 and wrote about it, I just did not know what other people call them because I do not play on-line video games. In fact, I very rarely play ANY video game any more. Even though I wrote one in machine/assembly language and use to love playing them. My wife and I use to spend all night at the arcade with the quarter monster, I use to win arcade contests.

I wrote how the world changed on the 1st Wednesday of November 2008 when this nation finally and totally rejected THEOS/GOD/Jesus and how disappointed he was.

How the sun had changed (I didn’t realize it had turned white), and what actually happened on Dec 21st, 2012 that people missed. I wrote on the ford-trucks.com forum how I could use keywords or make them up and have them show up a day or two later on foxnews, even obscure ones. Or change the common spelling of ones to get top SEO. I confused myself swapping them around so much, I still can’t remember if it is suppose to be judgments or judgements now – LMAO. Though I am disappointed “zeroes” didn’t stick as it was devoted to Dan Quail.

I ran → http://www.obamasucks.tv (gift from THEOS) since April 2008 and never uploaded a video to YouTube and hardly downloaded anything. I pretty much did not want to get involved in the culture and it is surely a culture.

I still have trouble dealing with the reality that once I did, people around me went full NPC (from 1/2), and their memories were wiped of conversations we had not even two years ago! That they can’t even properly remember how they learned how to drive!

I still go to watch Brian Staveley premieres, live stream, chat, and his channel is the ONLY show I ever called in live.

Centerville vs. Centralville


The Mandela Effect Wake Up Call - The JFK Assassination Has Completely Changed In This Reality!



This is about the WHY and that is it. Do not read anything more then that into it. Here is what I posted:

I will say it again, to do true "research" now is useless, history has been changed. Even the fake 9/11, is fake.

Satan's goal, imho, is to have people do research leading to him, because every second ( a jiffy - look that one up) done doing that, means you are not reading the Bible, looking at Jesus, and using the little time you have left, in pursuit of vanity.

Satan wants you to discuss:


Fake 9/11

Mandela Effects

Round earth vs. flat Earth


Border walls

Russia collusions

Deep state


Lame Stream Media


Quantum mechanics (LMAO)




New cars

Republicans vs. DemonOrats

Play violent video games

Play video games with (demonic) cartoon characters.

SPORTS, sports, and even more sports, while drinking and eating yourself silly , while watching the pagan show with demonic ads, trannys, ITTs (Illumanti Tranny Trash) music at 1/2 time, and pagan icons.

Anything that takes 100s-1000s of hours, as long as you do not do something as stupid as memorize and commit the ten commandments from Exodus 20:6 to heart.

Have you?

They (the school teacher) hang on my front door. I can not tell you how many "pastors" have sat in front of the 10 commandments and have not known them.

As I have stated before, the (free mason) USA has lived Bible numerics from the beginning, and it will end the same way. Badly! That was what "The Curse of the Zeroes" was about.

It was GOD's (THEOS) joke on the free Masons and their "sacred" numbers, because they were too stupid to solve it. Even when Congress commissioned Bush #41 to find out when he was the head of the CIA.

They surely thought skull and bones Bush would succeed Reagan at his death. Instead he did not die and #41 Bush became #152 - authority of scripture. Then to top it off, Bush #43 wins by 152 hanging chads 😅

Then Jesus picked me, a worthless speck of dust, that rejected (literally) Satan and (literally) the free Masons, to parade the solution in front of their "faces".

Now, the part where I have asked Jesus if I was deceived are two parts. This is the first one concerning Rev 6:2

2017-01-21 17:41

TQO#307 Obama & Satan use the homosexual rainbow to conquer the USA and world(*1) – it’s in the Bible


Now, please keep in mind, I believe in Bible numerics, I do NOT believe in Bible Gematria. It is not about what I believe, but, what others believe that count.

I was saying even the fake 9/11 is a fake and the real one has been erased. That debating over WTC and WTC 07 had become idols and were a distraction. So, let us break down the numerics of it.



solomon in Simple Gematria equals: 103 = Bible numeric 103 NAME OF GOD

WTC 07 Solomon was the name of your false idol

brothers in Simple Gematria equals: 105 = Bible numeric 105 STRENGTH IN SUFFERING

103+105 = 208 = 208 LOSS OF FAITH

salomon in Simple Gematria equals: 89 = Bible numerics 89 SON OF DAVID [24] [PRIEST]

brothers in Simple Gematria equals: 105 = Bible numerics 105 STRENGTH IN SUFFERING

105+89 = 194 = Bible numerics 194 LOVE OF MONEY CURSED

Since I said people love to (falsely) blame the Jews for 9/11, as seen many times during the live streams in the chat, let us break that down.

salomon in Jewish Gematria equals: 281 = Bible numerics = 281 JUSTICE DENIED

brothers in Jewish Gematria equals: 415 = Bible numerics = 415 FAVOR OF THE GENTILES

281 + 415 = 696 = Bible numerics 696 JACOB’S GLORIOUS CITY A PILE OF RUBBLE

89 = Isaiah 5:4 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

4 What could I have done anymore to my vineyard that I have not done unto it? why have I looked that it should bring forth grapes, and it bringeth forth wild grapes?

5 And now I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard: I [g]will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be eaten up: I will break the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down:

[g] Isaiah 5:5 I will take no more care for it: meaning, that he would take from them his word and ministers, and all other comforts, and send them contrary plagues.

Did it say Satan would do it or THEOS would do it?

So … how are those Bible Mandela Effects working out for you? Have you found your LYING yet? Maybe he is hiding under the wolf in lamb’s clothing?

0007 PaPa Bear Bernstein Arkancided ! Berenstain Bears Mandela Effect solved


What did I say in the Curse of the Zeroes?

The exact same thing!

Please note this refers to the real 9/11 erased from history, not the fake one you have turned into an idol. Though if you feel the need to apply it to the fake 9/11 go right ahead.


About Gilboa:

The Seven Heads

The seven female heads (of the whore of Babylon) are grasped, taken, and cut off, in capital and extreme punishment, that destroys life. The female EASTER corner stones of world commerce (World Trade Center).

( your house corner stones laid with your 1st born sons of abortion)

Are Seven Mountains

What do the 7 mountains look like when beheaded?

The seven (strong male - maybe as an erect penis) mountains lifted above the plain (WTC01 through 07)

your shields (military, law enforcement, free mason rules, paper and money) of the mighty (the rich traders of the world) are vilely cast away.

Do you remember all those papers floating down ... which fueled the fire? Then once the "heads" or upper floors of the buildings were cut off in waves of fire. The mounts fell into mountains of Gilboa.

Swollen heaps of stone (concrete) over dead bodies, the waves (fig.) of chastisement of Jehovah as each floor fell upon each other !

The dust, fire, and debris (Strong's H1158) boiled up to the sky after Jehovah (YHVH} searched you out.”


Ever wonder why I could have some “truth seeker” on your board insult me and be able to ask them a single simple question that they would refuse to answer that anyone else would have?

WTC07 was renamed to prove me correct. Enjoy the COVFEFE!


John Brown

PS. I just found out a Bible Mandela effect has been done to prove this is correct about their lizard eyes.

0008 Marilyn Monroe - Norma JeanE - Illuminati tranny creatures – THEM-ANASH

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